When you purchase your new car at Tejs Specialist Cars our aim is to ensure you’re completely informed about every finance option we can offer you. Being completely FCA approved and working closely with many funders we can find the correct package for you. We offer very competitive finance rates to suit every individual to aid the purchase of your new car.

There are three main different types of finance agreements, these include the following;

Hire Purchase

This is the easiest to understand and manage. A hire purchase agreement is where you pay fixed monthly payments to equally spread the cost over either 12,24,36,48 or 60 months. A good plus point about hire purchase agreements is that deposits are flexible and this makes managing your payments much more straight forward.

Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is the most popular option for those with higher value cars who change tends to change cars frequently. This is very similar to a hire purchase agreement but it includes a balloon payment at the end of the agreement. This makes monthly payments much less. You still have the opton to settle early or wait till the end of the agreement. You also have the option to part exchange the vehicle, pay off the balance or re-finance it.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP is very similar to lease purchase, you have your monthly payments with a balloon payment at the end of the agreement. The difference is with a PCP is that the final balloon payment is optional. You can pay the balloon and keep the car, or just hand back the keys and avoid the balloon payment. You can also part exchange for another car. PCP is great for a customer who wants the car for the term of the agreement and no longer.

Here at TSC we aim to provide the customer with the best advice and options to them as an individual. Should you decide to change your vehicle during the term of the agreement or at the end we aim to assist you in the best way possible. This helps us to build long-standing relationships with our clients.

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Tejs Specialist Cars Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number: 727747

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